Relax Eyes with Palming

By using palming you can begin to relieve the strain and stress from your mind and the eyes. Most people find it is easiest to relax the eyes when they are closed. To do palming you have to warm your hands by rubbing them together vigorously. Once they are warm, cover the closed eyes, without touching the eyelids or applying pressure on the eyes themselves. The warmth from your hands relaxes the nerves and helps in blood circulation around the eyes.

The aim of palming is to achieve a complete relaxation of the eye. If you do not see complete blackness when palming, then there is still stress somewhere on the eye. You may see colors, shapes, flashes. When there is no light passing through to the eye there should be blackness. Anything else is stress being placed on the optic nerve, giving the illusion of light. It is difficult to see complete blackness unless the eye is perfectly relaxed, so this technique could take quite a while to master.

Palming can bring a great amount of rest and relaxation. Because of this the circulation opens up in the visual system. This is the palming technique:

  • sit comfortably in a chair, make sure you have good posture
  • rest your elbows on a cushion or other type of support. You can use a table or desk – but make sure you are not leaning over or turning your head upwards
  • rub your hands together to generate warmth
  • slightly cupping your hands, place your left hand over your left eye. The base of the hand rests on your cheekbone. The hand is slightly angled, so that they point to a 2 O’clock position
  • now place the right hand over the right eye. Again the base of the hand on the right cheekbone, the fingers angled and resting on the fingers of the left hand
  • breathe in deeply, slow and relaxedly

Strengthen Eye Muscles

One of the best ways to strengthen eye muscles is eye rotation. Eye rotation also improves coordination and flexibility.

  1. Sit relaxed with good posture and look straight ahead
  2. Keeping your head in the same position, move your eyes to look as high up as possible without straining
  3. Smoothly and slowly begin to rotate your eyes clockwise, tracing a circle around the room. Try and see as much of the room as possible
  4. It should take 4 seconds for a full rotation
  5. Rotate 5 times
  6. Now reverse this and circle your eyes anti-clockwise
  7. Rotate 5 times

You can either do this exercise with your eyes open or your eyes closed. You may also feel slightly dizzy when first doing this eye exercise, this is normal and you will get used to it the more you do it.

Releasing Eye Tension

For any comparison to be made there must be at least two things to compare. For you to notice eye strain you must be able to experience relaxed eyes. The opposite is also true. If your eyesight has worsened over the years then you probably have not noticed how gradual the strain has become, and what is more, not noticed how relaxed your eyes were. The mild pressure that is used in this eye exercise directs a surge of oxygen to your eyes and also help to moisten dry eyes. Before doing this exercise be aware that you must not strain too hard. You want to oxygenate the visual system, not apply too much pressure causing damage.

Frst, sit comfortably with good posture. Take in a deep breath and close the eyes very tightly, shutting the lids firmly, and squeezing. Contract all the muscles in your face and clench your fists. Concentrate on the tension and hold for 3 seconds. Remember, do not force too hard that it becomes uncomfortable.

Now exhale letting all the air out of your lungs and relax all the muscles in your body. Notice the difference between the tension and relaxed state. You will notice that your vision has become clearer. Do this for one minute each day and notice the difference!